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Sean Nast

Recent Entries

12/13/11 09:55 am - Lighthouse Cottage, Tuesday Morning

There had been much reuniting for Sean and Annja, mostly not dirty and now they were finally starting to feel like things were normal. At least, they were feeling it enough for Annja to be sleeping in while Sean sat out on the front porch with a cup of coffee and his thoughts.

There weren't words for how glad he was to have Annja back, there truly weren't. But his thoughts tried to find them anyway. Living without her, even for the little amount of time it'd been, had been terrifying. He never wanted to go through something like that again.

He took a sip of his coffee and smiled. Finally, things were starting to make sense again.


11/23/11 08:49 pm - Lighthouse Cottage, Wednesday Evening

With everything going on, to say Sean was worried would be an understatement. He was good at worrying. It was one of many things he did exceedingly well.

But he hadn't hit the "getting on Annja's nerves" point yet -- a point that was actually rather hard to get to, anyway -- so he figured he was doing all right.

Before he could do anything like ask Annja what her opinion on it all was, there was a knock at the door. "I've got it!" he yelled as he went to answer the door, wondering who it was given that they weren't expecting anybody.

[For the sister person!]

9/30/11 09:23 pm - Lighthouse Cottage, Friday Evening

It'd been a good day. Of course, "a good day" was defined as Annja having managed to refrain from killing Garin or punching Bryce.

"A good day" was also defined as Garin managing to behave himself around Savannah for the most part. Of course, this only had Sean and Annja wondering just what he was up to. But as Garin's flirting had actually put Savannah in a good mood, neither of them exactly wanted to interrupt. Yet.

At the moment, it was just four of them -- Sean, Annja, Bryce, and Savannah -- scattered around the living room of the cottage with various alcohol on hand.

Just because it'd been a good day didn't mean they weren't being driven to drink anyway.

9/1/11 12:19 pm - Lighthouse Cottage, Thursday afternoon

"Is your wife pregnant yet?"

Sean pinched the bridge of his nose. Why had he decided calling home was a good idea? "No, Grandfather, she isn't."

"When are you going to bring her home so I can decide if she's appropriate for you or not?"

As he sat outside on the porch, Sean briefly considered ducking back inside for a bottle of something alcoholic.

"One of these days." Notice he didn't say when.

"Soon, I hope."

"Maybe." Not bloody likely.

Sean just flopped back in his seat and pinched the bridge of his nose again. His kingdom for a distraction.

[open! Come distract the poor boy from his family.]

2/12/11 05:17 pm - Lighthouse Cottage, Saturday Morning

It was a lazy morning, which meant that Sean and Annja were curled up in bed together and ignoring the world. Then again, that was how pretty much every morning started for them.

Neither of them had a problem with this, for the record.

Sean woke slowly, to the sound of loud chatter in the other room.

"Did we sleep clear through until prom?" Because his still half-asleep brain was a little more on the ball at figuring stuff out than his fully awake one, apparently.

[For one and the brood!]

12/10/10 09:38 pm - Lighthouse Cottage, Friday Afternoon

Sean had been lucky enough to not lose his store; Annja and Arya hadn't been so lucky. As a result, Annja had been obsessively concerned with protecting their home. Not that Sean had wanted to argue; he was nearly as worried about it himself. He had to do something about all of this and he couldn't actually help, so this was the next best thing.

The entirety of it was going to be followed by getting massively, massively drunk. But that was neither here nor there, and so Sean was in the living room getting geared up.

At some point he looked up at Annja, who was across the room doing something similar, and grinned. "Oh, by the way? Happy almost anniversary."

Sean and timing weren't always friends.

[For the wife!]

7/15/10 05:51 pm - Lighthouse Cottage; Thursday Afternoon

It was a lazy, lazy day for Sean. He didn't have work, which meant he got to sprawl around the house like a lazy slug. He wasn't sure where Annja was, but that was okay. She'd wander home eventually. And if not, then he'd worry.

Besides, being by himself gave him a chance to obsess over the dreams he'd handwavily been having for the past few days. Little did he know, he wasn't the only one.

[For the sister!]

5/26/10 07:03 pm - Room 321, Wednesday Evening

Sean had spent most of the day lounging around his room, aside from a quick jaunt over to the store to check in on K-Mart and see how everything was going. He'd be doing that for a couple weeks, just until she was settled into the job. He'd be stopping by tomorrow to check on Lindsay, too, not that he really thought he needed to check on her. She'd seemed quite competent during her interview.

He was sitting at the desk in the corner, going over paperwork, when the door opened.

"You'd better be my wife or we're going to have to have a few words," he said, not looking up.

[For one!]

5/6/10 08:19 pm - Room 321, Thursday Evening

Sean was so very much not looking forward to his sister leaving. The past three years had done so much good for him; he was honestly a little bit scared of what it was going to be like once both she and Annja were gone.

At the moment, he wasn't dwelling on it, though. He would have been, if not for the fact that he'd gotten his sister -- and her friend K-Mart -- each a present, Savannah because she was leaving and K-Mart because he knew the other girl was losing her best friend with Savannah's graduation. He would be dwelling, but said presents were busy running helter skelter around the hotel room in typical kitteny exuberance.

Thank God he'd handwavily called Savannah already. He didn't have enough attention to spare for a phone call.

[For one!]

5/2/10 05:26 pm - Josef's Suite, Sunday Late Morning

Sean had gotten a handwavy phone call from his uncle inviting himself and Annja to brunch. The idea was about as appealing as an appendectomy without the anesthesia, you just didn't say no to Josef Nast very easily.

Which would be why it was a very nervous Sean who stood in front of the door to Josef's suite. "This might be the worst idea in the history of worst ideas," he said to Annja. "But on the bright side? He's the family member I'm closest to."

Which, really, wasn't saying much. But if this was going to go even remotely well -- not that he held out high hopes for it -- then he had to let Josef think he'd won.

[For one!]
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